Sometimes we make a conscious effort to be more like our mothers. Other times, destiny has a plan we simply cannot alter. This Mother’s Day, it’s our extreme pleasure to feature St. François Girls’ College Mother-Daughter Teams who managed to keep the Green and Gold, Black and White, all in the family – intentionally or not.

Have a read, you might recognize a familiar face or two!


Annette and her daughter Liseli often joke that the umbilical cord was never really severed after birth and maybe that’s why they both ended up being François Girls. Two peas in a pod, it was no surprise that Liseli followed her mother’s footsteps straight up the hill and into the SFGC family. As a child, Annette remembers Liseli being adamant about attending St. François, and she admits to being “over the moon” that her second daughter did indeed pass for her alma mater. Similarly, Liseli cherishes the opportunity to share this bond with her mother, “To be cast in the Light of my Mother is more than an honour, she is the epitome of Womanhood and Motherhood.”


Heather & Nyasha do not only share an alma mater, this mother-daughter duo also ended up sharing a career path. Previously featured as one of our weekly #SFGCWCW, Heather, or more appropriately, Her Honour, now serves as an Industrial Court Judge, while her daughter Nyasha is a lawyer. Both women credit the foundation they received at St. François for their present success, but each identifies a different aspect of François Life, as their favorite. While Heather fondly recalls playing rounders in the Hollows with friends, Nyasha cherishes the fact that she was able to follow in her mother’s footsteps.


Being a St. François girl is definitely a ‘family affair’ for the Pierre’s. The trend started with Mother Juliet, followed by Daughter Janelle, so by the time Mickal’s turn came up, it seemed natural for her to choose the path initially walked by her mother and older sister. Oh, and let’s not forget her cousin and God Mother, as well! Like any true François Mom, Juliet takes pride in the fact that not one, but two of her daughters are a part of the St François legacy.


As a student under the days of the black and white checkered overall and Panama Hat, Gillian was very involved in school activities: she was a member of the Dance Company, Hockey Club, and Queens Royal College/St. François Association (QSF), as well as being a Prefect. It’s no surprise then that even after leaving the school, she returned to serve the SFGC community in the capacity of  President of the Alumnae Association. It also comes as no surprise that her daughter walked a similar path, passing for Gillian’s alma mater and becoming equally involved in a host of activities, including the Swim and Dragon Boat Teams, Cheerleading and the Steel Orchestra. Tishana is currently preparing for the CAPE examinations and the SFGCA wishes her well!


Natalie took pride in a being a François Girl in the days of the black and white check with the Panama hat. It was a great feeling for her when her daughter, Adanna, selected St. François as her first choice years later. While Adanna didn’t get to wear the same uniform as her mother, as she entered St. Francois during the era of the green A-line skirt and white shirt jack, she feels fulfilled knowing that she shares this special link with her mother.


Babsie and Nadia may have attended St. François during different incarnations of the school uniform – Babsie, the original black and white check, Nadia, the most recent A-line skirt and shirt-jack – but both mother and daughter thoroughly enjoyed representing the school in field hockey. It’s not always smooth sailing, following in your mother’s footsteps, and Nadia admitted that she felt awkward at first, however, over time she grew to love the experience as she established an identity of her own at the school. To this day, Babsie remains excited that she gets to share the SFGC experience with her daughter.


Terry-Ann and Elyssa’s emotions over Elyssa passing for St. François weren’t quite in sync initially. While Terry-Ann was “delighted”, Elyssa was “indifferent”. As time passed however, they both got on the same page. Almost literally. Like most SFGC Mother-Daughter teams, they did not share a uniform, but they did share a fierce love for the library that led to them both serving as Library Prefects, with Terry-Ann being the Head Library Prefect in her day! Side note: Elyssa will soon be writing the CSEC exams and of course, we wish her the best of luck!


Both Candis and Celeste were thrilled when they learned they would be sharing an alma mater. Candis described Celeste’s exam results as one of the proudest moments of her life, while Celeste saw it as a motivator to aspire to achieve more. Both ladies were drawn to performing while at SFGC as Candis loved participating in the school Talent Show, while Celeste was a member of the Drama Club.

It’s always nice to learn about the bonds of friendship that exist between so many SFGC alums, but as these ladies have shown us, nothing beats the connection between a Mother and Daughter who have both experienced the benefits of a St. François Girls’ College education.